How To Play Poker And The Rules For Beginner Players

There are various card games that can be played as entertainment to fill spare time. One of the most popular is poker. Not only relying on luck, poker also requires a mature strategy to win the game.

Poker is played with a total of 52 playing cards. This number is divided into four types of cards, namely hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Each consists of 13 cards and additional cards (two black and red jokers).

The way to play it is to arrange the biggest card combination according to predetermined rules. For those who are still confused, here’s a tutorial on playing poker.

Rules for Playing Poker

Poker has its own rules in determining the winner. Quoted from the book Nge-Game with Facebook by Jubilee Enterprise, the ranking rules in poker games are generally:

– Straight flush, which is five consecutive cards with the same suit. Cannot have a king card and 2 cards together, for example K-A-2-3-4.
– Four of a kind, namely four cards with the same number or rank.
– Full house, namely three cards with the same number or level and two cards with the same number or rank.
– Flush, namely five cards that all have the same suit.
– Straight, namely five consecutive cards. An ace can be placed before a 2-value card or after a king.
– Three of a kind, namely three cards with the same number.
– 2-pair, namely two pairs of cards with the same number or rank.
– Pair or two of a kind, namely two cards with the same number or rank.
– High card, namely the number or level of the highest card.
– Kicker, which is the highest card (high card) that is on the far left of the arrangement or row of cards. This card is used as a comparison with other players to determine the winner.

How to Play Poker

In principle poker is a card game that implements a ranking system based on the cards owned by each player.
Determination of the winner in each round is based on the ranking rules previously described. We also want to recommend those of you who are beginners to play online poker on the Ionclub gambling site which has been proven to be safe and reliable. In order to better understand it, see how to play poker below.

How to Play Poker for Beginners

Here are the steps for playing poker that beginners can follow:

1. Card distribution

After being shuffled, the cards are dealt face down. Dealing of cards is done clockwise until each player holds five cards. Meanwhile, the remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table.

2. Determine Card Combinations

After it has been distributed, each player may check their respective cards to determine the combination of cards to be issued. Determine cards based on predefined ranking rules.

3. Issuing Cards

The game is played in turn clockwise. When it is their turn, players may choose to discard a card or keep it and let their turn pass to the next player.

4. Taking Cards

Next, each player discards a maximum of three unwanted cards to be replaced with new cards. Place the card face down so no one can see the value of the discarded card.

5. Determining the Winner

Continue to the next round until you find a winner. The winner is determined based on the highest number of card combinations.

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